Posted on 2018-08-04 12:04:57
DS Son Sanjay press meet on sexual h..

Nizamabad, Aug 04: A day after 11 girl students from a Shaankary College of Nursing in Niz..

Posted on 2018-08-04 11:15:43
Telangana CM to meet Prime Minister

Hyderabad, Aug 04: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao will meet Prime Minister..

Posted on 2018-08-03 18:58:52
OMG! Child marriages do still exist

Hyderabad, Aug 03: The officials of Women and Child Welfare Department on Thursday rescued..

Posted on 2018-08-03 18:20:00
Rahul Gandhi confirms visit to Hyder..

Hyderabad, Aug 02: The AICC President Rahul Gandhi will visit Hyderabad on a two-day tour ..

Posted on 2018-08-03 17:01:17
Telangana government accused of igno..

Hyderabad: The Special Educators Forum India (SEFI) has lodged a complaint with the Natio..

Posted on 2018-08-03 16:57:38
Tech Mahindra with Telangana for fir..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: The Telangana State Information Technology, Electronics and Communicati..

Posted on 2018-08-03 15:54:37
Hyderabad: 2 kids dies after School ..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: In a tragic incident, Two girls were killed and five other children wer..

Posted on 2018-08-03 15:08:48
Season of U-turns: KCR on Andhras!!

Hyderabad, Aug 03: This seems to be the season of U-turns and the BJP, Chandrababu Naidu a..

Posted on 2018-08-03 14:26:12
Then DS & now his son Sanjay

Nizamabad, Aug 03: In accordance with the latest allegations of sexual harassment on Nursi..

Posted on 2018-08-03 14:14:25
Hyderabad teacher encourage students..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: In a bizarre incident, A private Teacher has allegedly motivated studen..

Posted on 2018-08-03 13:09:31
Good news for Drunkards in Hyderabad..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: Here is a good news for drunkards, who can now have a few additional pe..

Posted on 2018-08-03 13:09:31
Hyderabad: This is how they snatch t..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: The Jubilee Hills police have arrested a gang of three young men who we..

Posted on 2018-08-03 12:02:15
Nuthan Naidu spent Rs. 35 lakh to im..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: Bigg Boss 2 contestant Nuthan Naidu has entered Bigg Boss house again..

Posted on 2018-08-03 11:56:30
Hyderabad School teacher attacked by..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: A private school teacher, Suryakumari, was severely injured in an acid ..

Posted on 2018-08-03 11:50:03
Bonalu Effect: Bars to be shut down ..

Hyderabad, Aug 03: Hyderabad Police officers have been ordered to shut down liquor shops o..

Posted on 2018-08-02 18:17:41
Telangana: For the first time in Ind..

Hyderabad, Aug 02: In a significant development, The Telangana Police is now equipped with..

Posted on 2018-08-02 17:34:28
Hyderabad Hostel owner got arrested!..

Hyderabad, Aug 02: Following complaints from a girl for allegedly violating their humility..

Posted on 2018-08-02 17:18:19
Hyderabad: Man files mercy killing p..

Hyderabad, Aug 02: The story of Venu Gopal began 20 years ago when he was determined with ..

Posted on 2018-08-01 18:05:09
Congress-TDP: Its all in the hands o..

Hyderabad, Aug 01: The Congress party at any cost doesn t want to lose the happening that ..

Posted on 2018-08-01 15:45:57
Nizamabad: KTR laid foundation stone..

Nizamabad, Aug 01: Telangana IT minister KTR and Nizamabad MP Kavitha laid a foundation st..

Posted on 2018-08-01 12:56:26
Sex racket busted in Yadadri Again

Yadadri, Aug 01: The Telangana s prestigious shrine Yadagirigutta town has witnessed illeg..

Posted on 2018-08-01 11:57:17
Multiplexes to sell food items at MR..

Hyderabad, Aug 01: It is well-known news that, Multiplexes and cinema theatres in the stat..

Posted on 2018-08-01 11:28:42
Mission Bhagiratha: KCR Promises thi..

Hyderabad, Aug 01: We all knew that Telangana biggest project is Mission Bhagiratha, for t..

Posted on 2018-08-01 11:24:51
Osmania University conducts Recruitm..

Hyderabad, Aug 01: Here is good news for all graduates, who are eagerly waiting for employ..

Posted on 2018-07-31 18:25:06
Facing Divorce Issue: Man sends his ..

Hyderabad, July 31: Here is a strange incident happned that, Facing the rebuke of impotenc..

Posted on 2018-07-31 17:57:35
KTR funny comments on Congress leade..

Hyderabad, July 31: IT Minister KTR addressed a gathering at one of the border villages of..

Posted on 2018-07-31 17:18:20
Hyderabad: Minority Women leaders jo..

Hyderabad, July 31: Several minority women leaders from Chandranayagutta Constituency have..

Posted on 2018-07-31 17:18:20
Telangana: 100 crores for Bonalu

Hyderabad, July 31: Telangana minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav has participated in Bonalu ..

Posted on 2018-07-31 16:39:12
Nizamabad: KTR visiting Schedule

Hyderabad, July 31: Telangana Municipal Administration and Information Technology Minister..

Posted on 2018-07-30 19:30:34
Hyderabad: RTC bus thrashed bike, Ma..

Hyderabad, July 30: In a tragic incident, A 37-year-old man died after a speeding RTC bus ..