CM KCR angry at Govt employees & teachers?

 SMTV Desk 2019-04-18 17:31:12  kcr, corruption, rvenue department, teachers, anti-trs
CM KCR angry at Govt employees & teachers?

Hyderabad, Apr 18: KCR appears to be eagerly waiting for the election code to end on May 23 as he wants to take on 'corrupt' state government employees and teachers.

KCR is reportedly angry at government employees and teachers for turning 'anti-TRS' and not voting for TRS in Assembly elections in December 2018, MLC elections and recent Lok Sabha polls in March and April.

The ballot counting of employees votes who were assigned poll duties in Assembly polls revealed that employees and teachers voted in favour of Congress as Congress overtook TRS in all the ballot countings.

The three TRS supported MLC candidates for Graduates and Teachers constituencies also faced defeat at the hands of Congress and Left parties in the MLC polls held in March as employees and teachers voted against TRS.

In the recent Lok Sabha polls, though the results will be out on May 23, KCR got reports that majority of the government employees and teachers voted against TRS.

Angry at this, KCR has decided to teach employees and teachers a fitting lesson soon after poll code ends on May 23.

If KCR directly troubles employees and teachers, it will give scope for political criticism and backlash from employees, teachers unions and civil society groups.

To avoid this, KCR has come out with a strategy "Fight Against Corruption" terming government employees and teachers as corrupt.

KCR's strategy is to garner the support of people against employees and teachers in the guise of 'fight against corruption'. Offcourse, KCR already announced to abolish 'corrupt' revenue department.

He also announced to check corrupt staff in municipal and panchayat raj departments by bringing new Acts by holding special Assembly session. KCR is too desperate to take revenge against employees and teachers as early as possible.

He is planning to write to the Election Commission to give permission for him to hold special Assembly session for two days to bring new Acts to check corrupt staff.

One wonders, whether corruption among government employees started only this month and was corruption not there when KCR became CM in 2014. What prevented KCR from acting against corrupt staff for the past five years?

The reason is simple. Government employees and teachers were 'friendly' with TRS then believing KCR's promises that he will increase salaries, implement new PRC etc. But after five years, they realised that KCR only shows heaven in their hands and hardly fulfills any promises. They started working and voting against TRS.

This angered KCR, who has now found 'fight against corruption' as a weapon to settle scores with government employees and teachers.