Why elephants are needed for Gajalakshmi?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, May 31, 2021, 07:06 PM

Lakshmi Devi gives darshan with 8 incarnations. Ashtalakshmi is being heard famously in recent times. One of these Ashtalakshmas is Gajalakshmi. Gajalakshmi sits on Padmasanam in lotus flower. She has two elephants on both sides. Yoga Mudra is in the pose she sits on. She will have four hands. The upper hands have lotus flowers. Lower hands are showing Abhaya, flood prints. Lakshmi Devi is a sign of prosperity, wealth, fortune, respect, status, mirror. She is the wealthy one..
The symbol of the most holy. Just to say this, it is also seen as if elephants are spilling water with their head and doing anointing to the goddess. Lotus flower has another name as Padma. Since she is the mother of Padma, she is also known as Padma and Padmini. This Padmam is one of the Navanidhas. As the mother who sits in the treasure called Padmam, she is worshipped as wealthy and fortunate. Wealth is frightening when thinking socially.
No one can tell when it will come, when it will go, how long it will last. It's been the most clever. Today, a millionaire has become a beggar before morning and is on the road saying Dehi. Lotus is a sign of this sensationalism and arrogance. Lotus will not be stable in Sarasu. It keeps moving and swinginging. The Lakshmi sitting on it prevents the lotus from moving. Lakshmi who sits like that will be in the Yoga sea.
There is a message in this that only Yoga can bring the wealth that is not stable. Those who experience wealth with Yoga will not have a nostalgia on that wealth. So Gajalakshmi is advising anyone to experience wealth with sacrifice and not with selfish mind. Those who experience the wealth of Siri in this way are the most powerful and powerful people, they are adored by the whole world. Just to say this, elephants are shown in pictures as if they are worshiping Lakshmi Devi and abhishevi.