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Valentine's day is coming soon. Most loved day of the year, is almost here. Although Valentine's Day is not a part of the Indian tradition and whether it's right to celebrate our love only on this one day or not, these days it is celebrated throughout the country and we are seeing an increasing number of couples from all age-groups celebrating the day. Meanwhile, Girls have you decided about what you will be wearing for your special date? It is important as you are spending time with your special someone.

So, here are some outfit ideas for all those girls and women who are worried about what to wear on Valentine’s Day.

RED FOR the FIRST DATE: Is it your first date? if it is, keep it simple and casual. Needless to say, the color of the day is red. Spending with someone special on this day is incomplete without red color dress. As it is a first date, no need to take much effort. Pick a trendy red outfit that is comfortable too. Finish off the look with a cute bag and matching heels.

MOVIE TIME WITH GIRLS: If it is a movie plan with your loved ones and buddies, you need to keep it casual and chicky. As, movie theaters are too cold so wear something that keeps you warm. As girls love to watch movies in their pair of jeans, Layer it up by wearing a pastel-colored crop top or a casual shirt with a leather jacket. Dress it in soft pink lips and wedges. It is a perfect outfit for a movie to feel the romance.

LUNCH DATE AT RESTAURANT: Romance the lunch with him in a sunny day and look your best! If your man is taking you for lunch at a posh restaurant, you need to look like an elegant diva. Be as glamorous as you can for a perfectly romantic day. Try out ravishing makeup, choose any color outfit you like and accessorize your outfit with a classy clutch, elegant jewelry and trendy sandals.

DINNER WITH YOUR HUSBAND: If you are a married woman going on a date with your husband, you can wear a beautiful red saree and wear crystal jewels to look like a goddess. Either, choose to wear a nice red gown or even a red salwar suit. Soft curls, glowy makeup and high heels along with a golden clutch will complete your fabulous look.


1. BE COMFORTABLE: Do be comfortable. You have to feel good in the clothes you're wearing in order to have good date. Believe it or not you don't look your best while pulling down your dress every five minutes. Choose comfy short dresses and high heels.

2. BE YOURSELF : This is especially important for first dates. If you normally wear ripped jeans and plain T-shirts, don't force yourself to wear a bouncy pink dress for a date. A nice pair of jeans and a pretty blouse will also look gorgeous and most importantly, you'll look and feel like you.

3. DON'T BE AFRAID OF BOLD COLORS : Bold colors are also becoming standout choices for dress-up occasions. If black is truly your trademark, then rock the all-black outfit, but don't let it become your safe choice. Blue and red and green and purple are also beautiful and memorable.