New fashion statement for brides : Priyanka chopra's wedding dress

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 New fashion statement for brides : Priyanka chopra's wedding dress

India s renowed actress and now as a most headlined international celebrity ,Priyanka chopra has made us pride by making her mark in hollywood also. Now her wedding gown is also making everyone stunned as no one wore like it never before. As we know her marriage with famous American singer Nickjonas is the most celebrated weddings of 2018 . Priyanka wore a custom-made gown by designer RalphLauren on her wedding day on dec 1st .Recently this celebrated designer released a making video of the actress one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

In the video, we can see various atages of embroiderey work on Priyanka s dress. Words like hope , compassion and mantras like Om Namaha Shivay and December1 2018 have been hand-embroidered on the gown by fifteen artisans in Mumbai.

Interestingly,this dress became a reality after 1,826 hours of handwork. many different things 32,000 pearlescent sequins, 5,600 seed beads, and 11,632 Swarovski crystals were also woven on the gown.

Ralph lauren posted more detailly as ' The coat was closed down the front with 135 satin-covered buttons and finished with scalloping at the high-cut neck and long sleeves. The strapless column dress worn beneath was embellished with more than two million pearlescent sequins to bring a sense of shimmering dimension to the overall look '.

The couple married in two different rituals ,One in hindu and other in christian style. For hindu wedding ,she wore specially designed red lehenga from sabyasachi . Presently ,they were enjoying their holiday trip.