Domination on Employees: Situations, Side effects & Psychologist Advise

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Domination on Employees: Situations, Side effects & Psychologist Advise

The common problem from KCR's government to Trump Administration is 'Unemployment,' to which we have endless reasons. On the same stride, people are struggling to settle down in the right path in means of their career inclination.

Be it a small Business (or) an established firm (or) a multi-national company, irrespective of their status, the organizations who put as much as efforts to get recognized and gain affordability have some kind of dark(hidden) issues, which went under-noticed till now.

For instance, Time and again not only actors/celebrities but also daily wage workers/employees have come out to open up on #MeToo allegation as part of #MeToo campaign which was silently bared by many women for a long time.

In fact, at times this has drawn so much support from all genres. Absolutely, the higher authorities considered this as serious and further underwent investigation kind of process which helmed the main accused to lose their jobs.

Having said that, the companies in contemporary times have been suffering from illustrious domination and the confab domination is not so far from our intelligence.

# When females dominated by male(at the workplace)...........

1. From so long it is learned that females have been dominated by males at workplaces. Especially, some call it a male-dominated society.

2. All the same, if the women are equally strong enough (or) more strong (in strings of talent/qualification/potentials) they have to bare the domination during the work.

3. Still and all the work done was the same there wouldn't be equal pay (or) any concern regard female staff. However, with times, this got fade away and women slowly started to prove their caliber irrespective of their fields.

TRUTH: As women began to play a vital role, slowly there has been an escalation in the market. Literally, many start-ups wanted female staff to lead (or) manage the organizations. Now and then it aftereffects the business to a large extent, which highly increased demand for female staff in the market.

# When Employers dominate Employees...........

Yes!! Hitherto there used to be a situation in which employers(management) dominated employees(staff). Periodically this meant to be believed as the universal truth. Offcourse, the management notifies it to be the work targets/work accomplishment/Task in Time/Discipline/Punctuality.

However, this went on for every so often, which is also now apart of any group of companies. These days it was not that big deal to come across. So, in conclusion, the employees indeed are trying not to commit any kind of wrong, which outcome in a GREAT SUCCESS.

# When a colleague dominates his companion:

For all one knows....there will/should be a competition between same age group (or) colleagues. As a matter of fact, it is mandatory.

Let's get into the discussion.....

The word 'competition' here routes in terms of work (or) fine print of Task achievement. Yet implicating it in another range, the teammates are trying to dominate their co-workers offbeat at odds.

Relying on a piece of complexion, there been an irrelevant deliberation.

@What company gains:
1. Nothing
2. Wastage of time
3. Workflow disturb
4. Employee eork interest
5. Work atmosphere destroy
6. Effects other staff

And that is not all. Though the situations(3) are disparate without exception, the ultimate loss will be on behalf of company. So, it is to be admitted that the management should be more aware of inside(Typical) issues. So, that there will be no loss on point of work.

~ Psychologist Advise:

(i) The open actuality is all organisational authorities do focus on work/achievement. But, at the same time it is essential to be familiar with the ground-level issues.

(ii) Being a responsible part holder of company, one should rectify their own mistakes in order to sustain along with the company's expansion.

(iii) Not so far from our imagination, leaving the domination aside....there has to be a employee-friendly relation which boosts up the success.