The best Pistachio you should taste

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The best Pistachio you should taste

It s said that you haven t enjoyed pistachio until you ve had one from Bronte—a small village in Sicily, Italy—that is said to have the best in the world. After named by the nut community as "green gold," it is actually the volcanic activity in the area that has made optimal pistachio growing conditions.

Bronte is located just 25 minutes from the base of Mount Etna. Because of the mineral-rich topsoil that the active volcano produces, the small town is growing products like never before. These "green gold" pistachios are especially unique in flavor, with a bold taste and different sweetness.

As these Pistachios are different and tasty, they are they produce more economy to the major number of villagers there. Even Harvesting also have a precise process. Farmers wear protective gear to navigate the rugged terrain and pick the raw material. However, the fruit of their labor is undoubtedly seen in the high priced Products.

Pistachios are a staple of Italian fare. From gelato to pastries, the shelled nut delicacy is putting Bronte on the map like never before. When vacationing through Europe this summer, make sure to get a taste of the "green gold."