Samsung to supply auto chips

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-03 14:06:24  samsung, audi, chips
Samsung to supply auto chips

New Delhi, January 03: Here is the latest news that, Samsung Electronics Co. said on Thursday it has clinched a deal with German carmaker Audi AG to supply automotive processors designed for in-vehicle information and entertainment systems.

Coming to more detailes, The South Korean chipmaker, which first showcased the automotive chip brand in October 2018, said the Exynos Auto V9 will be utilised for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions for Audi cars, which deliver various information, as well as entertainment content, Media reported.

Through the IVI solution running on Exynos Auto V9, drivers will obtain details on conditions of automobiles on a real-time basis.The Exynos Auto V9 will enable the IVI solution to control six displays at the same time and support up to 12 cameras, Samsung said.

With three graphics processing units, it is capable of running multiple applications simultaneously, samsung added.The neural processing unit can also promptly and accurately process various data, including drivers voice, face and movements to provide optimized information.

Samsung also said that it will continue to release various automotive chips down the road for other functions, including the Advanced Driver Assistance System that warns drivers of potential threats.