Posted on 2018-05-06 11:00:08
Bomb hoax at residence of Raj....

Chennai, May 06: In a shocking incident, A man on Saturday called up the police control ro..

Posted on 2018-05-05 16:51:51
Rajinikanth reached Chennai..

Chennai, May 05: Superstar Rajinikanth s trip to the United States has been making headlin..

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Super Star Rajinikanth Kaala S....

Chennai, May 02: The makers of superstar Rajinikanth s much-awaited Kaala on Tuesday rel..

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Kaala First Single Coming Soon....

Chennai, May 01: Super Star Rajinikanth has faced debacle with Kabali is now coming with b..

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Rajinikanth "Kaala" Music rele....

Hyderabad, April 29: Super Star Rajinikanth s Much anticipated flick Kaala is finally rele..

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Kamal Hasan brother Sensationa....

Chennai, April 29: Kamal Hasan Brother Charu Hasan has made sensational comments ahead of ..

Posted on 2018-04-12 01:36:14
Rajinikanth: Violence against ....

Chennai, April 12: Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Wednesday said assault on police..

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Kamal Hassan crosses Rajinikan....

Chennai, Apr 09: You know, Kamal Hassan and Rajini Kanth as actors do insist many of the p..

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Rajinikanth Kaala Satellite ri....

Chennai, Mar 21: Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth s Kaala, is one of the prestigious projects i..

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Rajinikanth offers prayers..

Uttarakhand,(Rishikesh ) Mar 14: The actor turned politician Rajinikanth continues his ann..

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Nana Patekar about Rajinikanth....

Chennai, Mar 12: Rajinikanth has been busy with his upcoming flick Kaala Promotions, recen..

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Actor Rajinikanth plans new st....

Chennai Mar 11: Tamil Nadu Actor Rajinikanth on Sunday has left for the Himalayas for a ..

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Rajinikanth Kaala Dog cost Hug....

Chennai, Jan 10: Kaala movie one of the most awaited movies of Indian Cinema, recently the..

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Rajinikanth is not Super Star..

Chennai, Mar 08: when Asked about who is the superstar of Indian Cinema, then fans undoubt..

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Rajinikanth enters into two mo....

Chennai, March 07: The Super Star Rajinikanth is among the top 10 most followed South Indi..

Posted on 2018-03-06 18:54:07
MS Dhoni in Kaala Teaser..

Chennai, Mar 06: A Few Days back Rajinikanth upcoming flick Kaala teaser has been released..

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Rajinikanth follows MGR?..

Chennai, Feb 06: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on Monday invoked the legacy of late All Indi..

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Rajinikanth unveils statue of ....

Chennai, March 05: Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Monday said he can provide the r..

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Kaala Teaser Not beaten Mersal....

Chennai, March 03: Super Star Rajinikanth upcoming flick Kaala Teaser has been released re..

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Huma Qureshi: Privilege to sha....

Mumbai, March 03: Actor Huma Qureshi says it is her privilege to share screen space with s..

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Kaala Teaser: Vintage Rajinika....

Chennai, Mar 02: The Teaser of much-awaited entertainer Kaala just released in and it is s..

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Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth t....

Chennai Feb 25: In a Major shock top film lovers Popular Movie Actress Sridevi has died on..

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Tamil Movie Industry to suffe....

Bangalore Feb 23: In a major Move the South Indian Film Distribution and production Associ..

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Kamal hassan meets Rajnikanth ....

Chennai Feb 19: Actor Kamal Hassan who is currently preparing for a political yatra in Tam..

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Finally, Rajinikanth "Kaala" f....

Chennai, Feb 10: Speculations are abuzz that Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala may release on Ap..

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Rajinikanth and kamal Hassan t....

Chennai Feb 10: The Politics in Tamilnadu has once again turned into speculative mode as t..

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Kaala Movie to release in Apri....

Chennai Feb 10: A good news for Superstar Rajnikanth fans. The stars upcoming movie Kaala ..

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Rajinikanth Film Updates..

Chennai, Jan 22: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth, who is busy preparing the ground for his en..

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Rajinikanth Will win the 2019 ....

Chennai, Jan 20: Ever since the political Announcement of Rajinikanth, the speculations wi..

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RGV challenges Pawan Kalyan to....

Ram Gopal Varma who has a reputation of criticising others and making controversial statem..