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Study reveals how many hours sleep t..

Six to eight hours sleep a night is most beneficial for the heart. with more or less shut-..

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Sex Addiction: 10 percent of men & 7..

Rising awareness about sexuality and access to platforms for meeting new people has led to..

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German baker: pie art to a new fasci..

In Germany, a country known more for kuchen than pie, one baker has become a sensation for..

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Tips To Stay Healthy during dark day..

When it comes to turning back the clocks on our devices, technology has us covered. Our sm..

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Vitamin A too much may increase the ..

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that is important for numerous biological processes incl..

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How does food impact our health?

What are some of the issues with our diet?Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is not ..

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Wanna reduce Belly fat, then check o..

From cutting out gluten on Tuesdays to exclusively drinking grapefruit juice after 3pm, wh..

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Meat-free burgers contain more salt ..

Hyderabad, Oct 24: Meat-free burgers contain high levels of salt -- exceeding recommended ..

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Navratri 2018: 3 Fasting Recipes

Navratri is the time nature sheds the old, and life rejuvenates itself emerging back afres..

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OTC creams in jeopardy

Do you know that the fairness creams that contain the drug H(Hydroquinone) is injurious to..

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Can our diet lead to depression?

Australia,oct 12: The researchers from the James Cook University in Australia have found t..

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Sunbeds and Sunlamps can cause skin ..

The French health watchdog(FHW) recenly urged the french government to outlaw sunlamps and..

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Obesity can be major problem to chil..

Obesity is a major problem these days all over the world,because of change in lifestyles a..

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Students in AIIMS are getting addict..

Delhi,october 10: An internet addiction is uncontrolled use of internet for gaming, gambli..

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Energy drinks harmful to children:ne..

Many people all over the world consume sugar in the form of sweets or energy drinks .Sugar..

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A 26 year old man is addicted to ne..

Internet has created number of advantages regarding communication,entertainment and other ..

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Is it possible to edit our genes?

Few years before scientists used to edit the genes of DNA in animals,presently researcher..

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Human beings can remember upto 5000 ..

WASHINGTON DC,OCTOBER 10 : Have you ever thought that how many number of faces our brain c..

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More sleep better productivity:new s..

Almost 40,000 people from around the world participated in the online scientific investiga..

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There is a link between breast cance..

California,october 9: A new study found out that women with weight loss greater than or eq..

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Overdose of Vitamin A leads to...

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that is important for numerous biological processes incl..

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How to make delicious lemon cake

We all love deserts right after meals and lemon lush will fill its space,below is the reci..

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Best cheese for Lactose intolerant p..

US National Library of Medicinal Research says that, about 65 percent of people have eithe..

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4 tips to make you look like celebri..

Many people these days want to be like celebrities. The most remarkable ones look perfect ..

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Amazingly healthy Beetroot hummus re..

Beetroot hummus recipe:1 ½ tsp. coriander2 ⅓ cup lemon juice3 ..

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Pessimists make good business decisi..

London,october 9: Positive or optimistic thinking is leading people to set up businesses t..

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Best food to overcome arthritis

Latest research suggests that there is an intricate relationship between what a person eat..

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Incredible benefits of eating banan..

An instant energy booster, banana is one fruit that is commonly available across the globe..

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Umbalical cord stem cells can be use..

A technique using umbilical cord blood stem cells could be a promising new approach for re..

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Sleep helps to renew memories

Sleep helps to consolidate memories, as per a new study.Researchers from Ruhr-Universitat ..