All eyes are on KCR

 SMTV Desk 2019-11-25 12:52:42  
All eyes are on KCR

The high court of Telangana has cancelled the petition of RTC workers, in which they urged the court to stop Telangana government from privatizing RTC.

Now, the government of Telangana will take the final call regarding TSRTC.

KCR will decide wether to take back RTC workers or continue with his decision of opening 5100 routes to private operators.

This surely is a huge decision, given the fact that the families of over 50,000 RTC employees are at stake.

As expected, all eyes are on KCR as his final call can directly affect the lives of many working-class people in the state.

It is being said that the TRS government will be announced its final decision regarding the same very soon.