Here is the list of Amazing beauty tips

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Here is the list of Amazing beauty tips

Beauty is not just outer beauty, but it is the beauty of the mind, body, and soul. While taking care of beauty one must also see if the mind is calm and the soul is free. It is important to take care of inner and outer beauty as well. Some of the simple tips can be included in daily routine without much of a hassle.
1) Do pranayama daily - It is a simple basic breathing exercise which hardly takes any time. Pranayam is basically inhaling and exhaling air slowly. Inhale air through one nostril, hold it for a while and then exhale it. Pranayam calms the resolves numerous health issues. Another major benefit of pranayam is that a person becomes calm composed after a period practicing pranayam. Pranayam also helps in anger management.
2) Hot water with honey and lemon- Drinking hot water with honey and lemon first thing in the morning detoxifys the body. It removes all the impurities from the body and the skin upto a certain extent. Hot water and honey are known to expediate weightloss too provided a healthy diet is followed. Some people prefer not to take honey, in which case hot water and lemon can be taken together. Hot water with lemonn, if taken 3-4 times a day helps weightloss as well as in controlling hyperacidity. People suffering from hyperacidity issues can get instant and good releif by drinking hot water with lemon or even normal water with lemon immediately after consuming acid causing food, like after eating junk food or even after a heavy meal.
3) Applying curd or natural yogurt to hair and then shampoo it. Once a week or twice a week apply curd or yogurt to hair and leave it for about 5-10 minutes and then shampoo hair. This makes hair soft and gives it a natural shine and bounce. Yogurt acts as a natural conditioner leaving hair and shiny and full of life.
4) Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnite. The next morning strain it. Do not throw the water away after straining it. Now grind the seeds to a coarse paste. Apply it to hair. Leave it for an hour or so. Even half an hour would just do the job. Rinse your head using liquid left from strainig the seeds followed by a good shampoo thereafter. This if repeated over several weeks but make hair soft, shiny, give it a natural bounce and moreover stop hairloss. People suffering from basix hairloss can try it snd trust me it will give good results.
5) Aloe vera gel : aloe vera gel is found very easily these days. One cam grow this miracle cactii in backyard or even grow it in a small pot. Aloevera is known as a miracle plant because of its numerous properties. Once leaf is cut and peeled, a soft gel or jelly like shiny substance can be seen. Scoop this out with a sccoper or a spoon. This natural aloevera gel. This gel can be applied to face or even a smal piece of the cut and peeled leaf can be rubbed on the face. This helps in reducing the fine lines. Aloevera gel also makes skin firm and spotless giving it a natural glow. Aloe vera these days is the heart of million dollar industry. Companies make gels and juices etc out of aloevera plant which give them millions of dollar business.

Apart from making skin soft and spotless aloevera gel also has anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. This helps in curing eczema and other skin conditions too. It makes the skin soft, reduces the itch, moisturises it and also makes it spotless.
6) Full cream with turmeric powder- another beauty tip, which i guess is from grandma's days. It is passed over generations. The secret recipe to glowing and spotless skin is just taking a spoon of full cream and adding a pinch of turneric to it and mixing it. Applying this om face daily not only makes one fair but also moisturises the skin and gives it a beautiful glow.
7 ) Honey and Lemon- another sureshot tip to get a glowing face is taking a teaspoon of honey and adding a few droos of lemon. Mix this and apply iit to face daily. This will help remove all the toxicity from the skin caused due to pollution, make up etc make it nice and clean.
8) Natural body and face scrub- take a teaspoon of sugar and add bit of honey to it to give it a paste like consistency. Use this as a scrub for face and body. It helps in removing dead cells and black heads from face.. Using this frequently as a body scrub removes dead skin too.

There a numerous beauty tips apart from these which can be followed as a part of daily routine.