Telangana resident hurt in UAE seeks help

 SMTV Desk 2019-03-11 11:17:00  gulf country, uae, mokashi laxman, nirmal resident
Telangana resident hurt in UAE seeks help

Nirmal, Mar 11: Mokashi Laxman of Patha Ellapur who went to United Arab Emirates (UAE) in search of the job got fractured his two legs in the road accident there a few days ago.

He was native of Patha Ellapur village in Khanapur of Nirmal district. Now, Mokashi Laxman is in badly need of help from the Indian government and Telangana state.

Now, Laxman who also suffered head injuries is undergoing treatment in All Ayad Sharjah hospital in Al Dhaid, 100 km from the Sharjah. Mokashi Laxman belonging to Adivasi Naikpod community.

The response from the Indian government is awaited. However, the government has till now relieved so many after being suffered in gulf countries.