5G smartphones coming soon

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5G smartphones coming soon

New Delhi, January 09: Here is the great news for the Smart Phone users, as the Android smartphone makers are poised to launch 5G-based models in 2019, but the production volume is expected to reach only 5 million units, a report said on Wednesday.

From this aspect, Major smartphone makers, such as Samsung Electronics Co. and Huawei, have actively invested in the development of 5G devices to take initiative in the market, according to industry tracker TrendForce, Yonhap news agency reported.

The penetration rate of 5G models, however, will only reach 0.4 per cent since the construction of related infrastructure has not been fully completed, the report added.

TrendForce said 5G base stations for commercial communication is not widespread with the infrastructure unlikely to be set up until 2022.

The report noted that a widespread 5G architecture is also necessary to make 5G smartphones more popular, and telecom providers need to deploy 5G networks at a faster pace.