Adah Sharma Belly Dance Goes Viral

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Adah Sharma  Belly Dance Goes Viral

Mumbai,January 05: Bollywood Diva Adah Sharma has taken it upon herself to caution her fans about the ill-effects of smoking and drinking. Remember her viral anti-smoking video on Instagram? A few weeks ago, she decided to make her very own anti-smoking film, since "no one is casting me in one".

Coming to detailes, In the clip, she was seen taking a few puffs from a cigarette and violently coughing till she eventually dies.

"So I decided to make my own anti smoking film coz no one is casting me in one. Smoking is horrible and this is what happens when you smoke ! So don t. (sic)" Adah captioned the video, which garnered over 1.5 million views.

Now, this hot actress has made a video to warn fans about the consequences of drinking, "on public demand". In the video, she is seen showing off her hot belly-dancing moves to O Saki Saki, while taking a few swigs from a bottle of alcohol. Suddenly, she shows herself in a rather terrifying light, with her face painted all over to look like injuries. This is meant to show the consequences of drinking too much.