New What's app in 2019 : 5 new features are bringing up

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-04 17:31:45  what'sapp, new features ,messaging ,dark mode
New What's app in 2019 : 5 new features are bringing up

This is a good news for everyone out there.undoubtedly, What'sapp is best way for communicating now a-days . Introduced by facebookInc ,It is very easy ,istant and best messaging app available right now . In 2018 ,several new features were introduced by what sapp and many buzzed about other features also.Now the debate has to stop . Yes, we are going to have some new updations this year . Let s checkout some crazy features of what s app that are going to be launched in 2019 :

1. Dark Mode : This darkmode feature is most awaited by users. It changes the display into nightmode which restricts the brightness without directly effecting our eyes in night time . It also saves battery life of mobile . Already,Many social apps like youtube have introduced darkmode and now it is available for what's app also.

2. Video preview : For user friendly experience ,this video preview helps user to watch the video in the notification bar of our phone itself ,reducing the inconvinience by going to app and opening it again.It helps us to decide whether it is urgent video to checkout or not .

3. Fingerprint Unlock: With this feature, there is no need to be worry about our privacy. A inbuilt finger print sensor check will be performed by what'sapp itself. So,no need to install other unlock apps to protect what'sapp messages.

4. Consecutive voicemessages : In the app we are using right now ,whe have to listen to voice messages by opening them individually . But now ,with the update it automatically plays voice messages one after the other as many as we recieve.

5.Stickers: After Emojis and GIFs, What'sApp is giving other option of Stickers as well. A user will be able to search for their favourite sticker in the bottom drawer of the app, Making it easier and faster to communicate with stickers.