Mobile exploded in pocket : Man burnt alive : Follow these mandatory rules

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-04 11:59:10  mobile explosion,old man died, rajasthan accident
Mobile exploded in pocket : Man burnt alive : Follow these mandatory rules

60 year old man died due to mobile explosion yesterday midnight.Reportedly, This incident occurred at Netawalgarh Pachhli village in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.According to the sources,victim was named as kabir singh. Police report given by his wife was, Around 2.30am the incident was happened. Mobile kept in his pocket suddenly exploded and catched fire to his body.Before he could save himself ,he was half burnt and when taken to hospital and he was dead.

Mobile phones could become our enemies when not used properly. Whe fail to implement some rules that should be followed when using gadgets. Here are some important safety measures that should be taken by every individual to avoid serious accidents :

1. Don t keep your mobile under your pillow or beside you in the sleep time.

2. Never carry mobiles in your shirt or vest pockets.

3. Do not charge your mobiles overnight and avoid using them while battery is charging.

4. Never replace your old batteries with duplicates ones.Purchase in certified showroom of your mobile company

5. Gaming apps should be used according to your mobile processor capacity.when it is of low processor it can t and resist.

6. Mobiles above 3000MAH batteries should be handled more cautiously.Stop using mobile for sometime when it gets heat.

7. Invest in good quality powerbanks and chargers .