Cool video of a spacecraft leaving Earth, from ISS - Watch

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-24 13:25:23  Russian Progress, MS-10 cargo spacecraft, Baikonur cosmodrome
Cool video of a spacecraft leaving Earth, from ISS - Watch

Russia, Nov 24: Russian Progress MS-10 cargo spacecraft was launched on 16 November 2018 at 18:14 GMT from Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

A cool video of the launch was taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station. The spacecraft is seen launching from the launchpad on Earth, rising into the sky, leaving the stratosphere and then hitting into space.

The spacecraft was launched atop a Soyuz rocket with 2,564kg of cargo and supplies. Flying at 28,800 km/h, 400km high, the International Space Station requires regular supplies from Earth such as this Progress launch.

Spacecraft are launched after the Space Station flies overhead so they catch up with the orbital outpost to dock, in this case two days later on 18 November 2018.

The images were taken from the European-built Cupola module with a camera set to take pictures at regular intervals. The pictures are then played quickly after each other at 8x to 16x normal speed. The video shows around 15 minutes of the launch at normal speed. The Progress spacecraft delivered food, fuel and supplies, including about 750kg of propellant, 75kg of oxygen and air and 440 litres of water.