Dancing man in live TV news goes viral

 SMTV Desk 2018-10-07 18:49:04  dancing man, viral video
Dancing man in live TV news goes viral

A video of a man dancing during a live news broadcast has gone viral.

Bryan Amann was working in a nearby office when a three car crash attracted broadcast crews to Scottsdale, Arizona on Wednesday.

Mr Amann went outside to see what was going on and decided to put on a show for the cameras – which has since been shared thousands of times on social media.

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No one was seriously injured in the crash, although the cars and an office building were damaged.

“I was in the office and I was looking at my live FOX 10 feed and I was like, something is going down ,” Mr Amann told FOX 10.

“I thought to myself, that s right next door to our office. Right back there.”

Mr Amann told his colleagues at a logistics company that he was going to go to the top of a carpark and get the attention of a FOX helicopter.

He explained to FOX 10 that he can be seen checking his phone in the clip because he was making sure he was on TV.

“When I ran over there, I had to look at my phone to make sure that the guy was looking at me. You gotta get the guys attention and then when he had me on the zoom it was go time,” he said.

“As I was doing my moves, I had to make sure I was still in the screen, because I wouldn t want to waste good dance moves.”

He added that he now intends to register the page scottsdaledancingman.com .