From now, this is the attendance system!!

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 06:23 PM

Biometric attendance system in Schools

Adilabad, July 22: The biometric attendance system is all set to be installed at government schools in the Adilabad district.

In the first phase, the Education Department has selected some schools where the e attendance system will be introduced.

The attendance of government teachers will be marked from the device, which will be linked from an android application.

The schools have also been issued a letter saying that the staff members need to verify their details including aadhaar card so these can be linked with the portal.

The authorities are initially focusing on the rural area schools particularly in the remote hamlets and tribal Thandas across the district.

"Majority teachers in Tribal Thandas and rural areas come at 11 to 11.30 AM and stay in the schools for one or two hours and leave by afternoon. There are rare occasions when a teacher spends entire 7 hours in the rural schools. Because of their lack of attendance, the students also do not go to schools."

Having understood that teacher's attendance and punctuality is the key for improving quality and enrolment, the education department has taken up the mammoth task of installing the biometric systems and the authorities are gathering the details of all government primary and upper primary schools located in the remote rural areas