Rythu Bandhu problems by farmers & how govt managed?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, May 17, 2018, 12:41 PM

Rythu Bandhu problems by farmers & how govt managed?

Hyderabad, May 17: The Government of Telangana has recently launched 'Rythu Bandhu Scheme' to support the livelihood of farmers through investment-wise. Moreover, this is first of its kind investment support scheme for farmers to be launched by any state in India.

Yes, relatively all those farmers who allow their lands on lease for cultivation got the scheme assets while the tenant farmers were left deserted, of which the village has a good number.

Similarly, a high number of villagers are also in government employment which restores the families rather fortunate and with barely any need to exertion. They are comfortable in leasing out their lands.

# What tenant farmers saying?

1. A tenant farmer cultivates an 8-acre piece of land leased from a local farmer since the last few years. "I pay a lease amount of Rs. 48,000 to the owner who will also get an equal pay as investment support now," he calculated.

2. Aforesaid is the case with another tenant farmer who leases 2 acres of land from a local farmer. "The owner of my land will not purchase either seeds or fertilisers as he does not cultivate," he raised out.

# How active would this direct cash transfer be in reducing agricultural discomfort?

On an aspect, assigning Rs. 8,000 directly to farmers to help them and by that stop them from accessing financiers is a praiseworthy idea.

But 90 percent of Telangana's farmers are small and insignificant farmers and own less than 5 acres of land. Most of them are also tenant farmers, as they take more land on lease to cultivate. So, this scheme does not pay Rs. 8,000 to tenant farmers, thereby ignoring a large portion.

# On the other hand KCR was clear:

Tenant farmers will not be part of the beneficence. "Several tenant agreements are vocal. The government is not a spree to the agreement to lease land. If we get into it, it will only lead to legal confusion. Furthermore, tenants - Terms and Conditions can change every year/every crop season. How can the government keep the record?" asked Agriculture Secretary of Telangana.

# Opposition reaction:

The Opposition parties stated that it will be tough for them to oppose the scheme as it would be interpreted as anti-farmer. Secretly, they allege that in an election year, 'Rythu Bandhu' features a vote-buying scheme.

# Last but not the least, Telangana figures in the top 3 states, along with Maharashtra and Karnataka, when it comes to farmer suicides.