No TRS in next election: BJP managed review proves why?

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, May 06, 2018, 12:22 PM

No TRS in next election: BJP managed review proves why?

Hyderabad, May 06: A review managed by BJP has betrayed that the demand chart of the TRS is fast coming down, exclusively in the rural areas and it is very challenging for the party to accomplish the next elections.

The survey was probably operated for the time being the party leaders visit about 2,000 villages under 'Palle Nidra programme'.

The party detected that a lot of regrets has been infusing amidst Dalits and backward classes in rural areas, as they simply conveyed their hatred at the TRS government across the State.

The BJP initiative felt that whichever party could win the assurance of these ignored sections, it could come to power.

However, the party inquired the staff to see that they could concentrate on the displeasure among these sections.

In several villages, there was no release of allotments made under the 14th Finance Commission endorsement for taking up of various works.

In few cases, besides the district control hit notices against the village heads, their cheque withdrawal potential had been rusticated.

When part of other village pioneers appealed exertion of the schemes, they were told either to join in the ruling party or their petition had been neglected both by the administration and the people's agent.

Moreover, the MLAs and MPs did not release single rupee from the constituency development funds if the villages were not managed by their party sarpanches.

This progress didn't decline fine with the village group in rural areas resulting in the uneasiness spreading among them around the ruling party.