Sri Reddy stages semi-nude protest, detained

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Apr 07, 2018, 04:45 PM

Sri Reddy stages semi-nude protest, detained

Hyderabad, Apr 07: Hot and Sexy actress Sri Reddy was detained by the police on Saturday after holding a semi-nude protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

The actor, who claims young actresses are sexually exploited in the Tollywood industry, was detained after she took off her shirt.

Earlier, She alleged that she has been sexually exploited by many Telugu producers and directors who assured her of parts in films.

"Why Telugu actors like me don't get a chance. They should give 75% chances to Telugu people in films. I want membership in Telugu film chamber. Why are they not giving it? I have done three films," Reddy said while expressing her disappointment.

"They will ask us to send inappropriate pictures and videos. Are we girls or things to play with? But we will not get an opportunity," she added.