Telangana Govt Doctors launches strike today

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Mar 27, 2018, 02:58 PM

Telangana Govt Doctors launches strike today

Hyderabad, Mar 27: The Members of Telangana State Government Doctors Association (TSGDA) are set to launch protest at all State-run teaching hospitals from Tuesday against the decision of the State government to do away with reservations in PG medical seats for in-service government doctors.

Senior office bearers from TSGDA on Monday evening maintained that depending on the response from senior health authorities, a decision on boycotting vital outpatient services, which are the lifeline of healthcare services in government hospitals, will be taken.

"We have already served notices for the strike. If health authorities do not invite us for talks, we will boycott all outpatient duties. Protests will be held at all the State-run teaching hospitals in Telangana," TSGDA members maintained.

While the strike could have some impact on outpatient facilities, the senior doctors clarified that emergency services would continue normally in all the government hospitals.

On their part, the health authorities have already informed the protesting government doctors that it would be better to wait for the court’s judgment since the matter of providing reservations to in-service government doctors was sub-judice.

Authorities pointed out that there was already 50 per cent reservation for in-service government doctors who are vying for diploma PG medical seats. Since the issue of providing similar quota for PG medical seats is being contested in higher courts, health authorities urged TSGDA members to wait for the verdict.

The junior doctors, on the other hand, have opposed the demand of TSGDA and maintained that if the State government provides reservations to in-service doctors, then there would not be many avenues left for meritorious students.