Another Innovative Step by Telangana Govt

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Jun 27, 2017, 01:16 PM

Telangana Govt another Innovative Step

Hyderabad June 27: The Telangana Govt has steps to Support the Traditional Jobs(Caste Based Jobs), recently, the State Govt has been provided the Sheep Distribution launch.

From this perspective, They are going another step towards another innovative launch. They will be going to distribute the washing missions, dryers, iron boxes to the "Dhobis".

They will also provide financial services to maintain advanced saloons for the Nayi Brahmins.From this aspect, the govt is nearly spending 500 crore budget towards the development of the traditional jobs.

They will also provide the modern equipment towards the persons who belong to their traditional jobs, said Telangana finance minister Etela Rajender.

He also said that Chief Minister KCR will start all these schemes next month.

While speaking about the Sheep launch, So far 7,61,000 applications have been received from across the state and 7,18,000 units have been sanctioned. Each unit comprises 21 sheep.

The government initiated the scheme with Rs 4,000 crore, from this the beneficiaries would create a wealth of Rs 25,000 crore in the coming three years.

So far it is good to hear, but how the govt will improve the scheme, let us wait, they are also launched the Sheep Scheme earlier, will it be the boost for the beneficiaries??