• Minimum Govt Teacher Salary!!

    Hyderabad, June 23: The PRTU asked for a PAY revision commision (PRC) to decide RS 40690 (Minimum salary) for Govt teachers In this regard, MLCs were accompanied by P.Ravinder, Janardhan Reddy, Pre ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 23, 2018, 12:16 PM
  • KTR tweet goes Viral

    Mancherial, June 22: Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao on Friday showered his concern towards the three orphan students. Coming to details, He had given RS 20000 i ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 01:46 PM
  • KCR speech in NITI AAYOG- MEET

    New Delhi, June 17: Chief Minister KCR thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his invitation to the Niti Ayog convention. Later KCR started the keynote address. CM KCR primarily referred to the st ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jun 17, 2018, 01:33 PM
  • Woman commit Suicide

    Hyderabad, June 16: In a drastic incident, a newlywed bride committed suicide. This incident took place in Jedimetla(Hyderabad) area on 15th June. According to the report of the incident, a 19-year ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 16, 2018, 03:39 PM
  • Huge Blow for Telugu States

    New Delhi, June 16: The Indian Meteorological Department has issued the notification that Karnataka State will witness huge rains in coming days, while Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Puducherry wi ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 16, 2018, 11:37 AM
  • KCR Meets Modi

    Hyderabad, June 15: Telangana Chief Minister KCR, who is on a trip to Delhi, met Prime Minister Modi here on today. On this occasion, they are discussing many issues related to the Telangana state. ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jun 15, 2018, 02:01 PM
  • JOB Racket Busted in HYD

    Hyderabad, June 15: Nowadays many of the people are worrying in order to get full-fledged JOB, most of the youngsters have been witnessing the lack of jobs in these days, on other sides Sofetere jobs ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jun 15, 2018, 01:10 PM
  • KCR leaves for Delhi

    Hyderabad, June 14: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao left to Delhi in a special flight from Begumpet airport in Hyderabad shortly. He will be meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tom ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Jun 14, 2018, 05:06 PM
  • KTR positive tweet to Congress

    Asifabad, June 13: Responding absolutely to the tweet Telangana IT Minister KTR thanked PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy. He brought the concern of officers indicting Rs. 500 House Tax to an old aged coupl ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Jun 13, 2018, 02:13 PM
  • Mahesh Babu returns the cheque

    Hyderabad, June 10: Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu & his wife Namrata decided not to be the beneficiaries of Telangana Government's Rythu Bandhu scheme. Even Producer Ravi Shankar refused to accep ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jun 10, 2018, 12:40 PM
  • TS ICET 2018 Results Postponed

    Hyderabad, June 06: The Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test (TS ICET) results in 2018 have been postponed. The results which were earlier supposed to release today have been postponed to J ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Wed, Jun 06, 2018, 05:31 PM
  • OU: Students future in trouble

    Hyderabad, June 05: Here is a major fire broke out at the Osmania University in Hyderabad on Tuesday, where many of the exams answer sheets were written by the students burned. The Fire was spreadi ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Tue, Jun 05, 2018, 12:19 PM
  • Female teacher video goes viral

    Hyderabad, June 03: The Hyderabad Traffic police have conducted drunk and drive checks and registered cases against 72 persons for driving the vehicles in an inebriated condition in the late night hou ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sun, Jun 03, 2018, 01:53 PM
  • TS LPCET-2018 Results released

    Hyderabad, June 02: The Commissioner and Director of School Education (CDSE) have announced the results of the TS LPCET-2018 for which examinations were held on May 16, this year. The Telangana Sta ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 02, 2018, 07:13 PM
  • ACB Raids on Industries office

    Hyderabad, June 02: The Anti-Corruption Bureau officials have raided houses of K. Suresh Kumar, general manager of the Mahbubnagar District Industries Centre, and unearthed properties worth Rs 12 cror ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 02, 2018, 01:23 PM
  • Telangana & AP weather report

    Hyderabad, June 02: The weather department has told the people of Telugu states, especially for farmers, who have experienced high temperatures during the past two months and have suffered untimely ra ..

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Jun 02, 2018, 01:09 PM
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