11-year-old girl drinks 'acid-like substance' from classmate's bottle

 SMTV Desk 2019-03-07 11:06:51  11-year-old, acid-like susbstance, crime news
11-year-old girl drinks 'acid-like substance' from classmate's bottle

New Delhi, Mar 07: An 11-year-old girl studying in Class 5 in a private Delhi school died after she drank from a classmate's water bottle, police said. They added that the water bottle may have contained an "acid-like substance".

Police said she vomited in the classroom after drinking from the water bottle. She was rushed to a hospital but died while she was being treated, a senior police officer said.

The incident happened at a school in northeast Delhi's Harsh Vihar. Sources said that the girl may have consumed a corrosive substance. A forensic team found that the portion of the floor where the girl threw up was completely discoloured.

This led the police to suspect that she may have consumed acid, sources said. The water bottle in question has been seized and will be sent for forensic examination to find the cause of the girl's death, police said. A case has been registered and an investigation is underway, senior police officer Atul Kumar Thakur said.