Subramanyapuram Movie Review

 SMTV Desk 2018-12-09 18:11:03  Subramanya Puram, sumanth, esha rebba
Subramanyapuram Movie Review

Release date : December 07, 2018

Smtv Rating : 2/5

Starring : Sumanth , Eesha Rebba

Director : Santhossh Jagarlapudi

Producer : Beeram Sudhakara Reddy

Music Director : Shekar Chandra

Cinematographer : R K Prathap

Editor : Karthika Srinivas

Tollywood Talented Hero Sumanth who came up with a love story Malli Raava and scored a hit has now changed the genre and is coming up with Subrahmanyapuram which is a mystery thriller. The teaser and trailer of the movie have already revealed the premise of the film which grabbed the attention. The film has been carrying a decent buzz. Eesha Rebba played the female lead in the movie directed by newbie Santhossh Jagarlapudi. Dheeraj Boggaram and Neeram Sudhakar Reddy bankrolled this project which has hit the silver screens today on December 7th. Here is the review of the film.


Karthik ( Sumanth ) is an atheist who does researches on the ancient temples. One day, he visits Subrahmanypuram to research the ancient Subrahmanya Swamy temple. But, he notices that the village people are getting traumatized and are committing suicides. Village people, village head and even Police believes that it is their wrong deeds which is why God is punishing them. But, Karthik who is an atheist believes that there is a different story and sets out to investigate the murders. What did he find? What happens in the end forms the rest of the film.


The entire movie revolves around Sumanth and the actor has delivered a spectacular performance. One will easily get surprised to see him perform well. His performance is undoubtedly one of the major highlights of the film. Eesha Rebba looked beautiful in the film. She also acted really well and she delivered a matured performance. Suresh is also like one of the major pillars for the story and he delivered his best. He did really well in his role. Sai Kumar did a great job with his performance. Surya has justified his role. Josh Ravi will definitely make the audience in the comedy scenes. Aditi Myakal looked pretty and promising in the film. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Apart from the stunning performances by the actors, the story is penned in an interesting way. But, the director failed to handle the script well. The production values by Beeram Sudhakar Reddy are very poor. Though it is not a high budget film, the producers could have invested decent amounts without compromising in terms of quality. The music by Shekar Chandra is pretty much impressive. More than the songs, the background score will definitely grab the attention. The visuals produced by cinematographer RK Prathap are wonderful. His camera work sure is an asset to the film. Editing by Karthika Srinivas is good. Though there are some scenes which could have been chopped off, they won t disturb the flow of the film. The runtime is bearable.


The concept and premise of the film is impressive which is why the teaser and trailer got a thumping response. However, the movie has nothing to rave about. The decent performances is the only good thing. The first half is all about suicides which is not impressive. The unnecessary scenes will test the patience. The second half is fine. The director fails to create curiosity in the audience. The low production values of the film made the film extremely boring. On the whole, Subrahmanyapuram is an average movie which fails to impress the audience.