Bellamkonda Srinivas Kavacham review

 SMTV Desk 2018-12-09 18:07:10  Kavacham, Bellamkonda Srinivas
Bellamkonda Srinivas Kavacham review

Hyderabad,December 09: After testing his luck with commercial movies, Tollywood young Hero Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas has now turned into a powerful COP Officer for an action cop drama Kavacham . Directed by a debutante Srinivas Mamilla, Kajal Agarwal and Mehreen Pirzada played the female leads in the movie. The teaser and trailer of the movie have already created a positive buzz around the film and Bellamkonda hero has pinned all his expectations on this movie. The movie unit is confident that the film is definitely going to be a hit. Let s see how far Kavacham going to impress the audience.


Vijay (Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas) works as a Sub Inspector of Police in Vizag 3 Town Police Station. He falls in love with Kajal Agarwal who works at a coffee shop. Everything goes well until the entry of Samyuktha (Mehreen Pirzada). Vijay saves her from some goons who try to attack her. The next day Vijay s mother meets with an accident and to assist him financially, Samyuktha suggests him to kidnap her and demand money from her family. Vijay accepts his plan and demands 50 lakhs from Samyuktha s family. But, he later finds out that Samyuktha is the one who he fell in love with at the coffee shop. Who is the real Samyuktha? What happened to her? How Bellamkonda finds his love? forms the rest of the story.


Bellamkonda Srinivas did a great job. He improved a lot when compared to his previous movies. His dialogue delivery is also good. Kajal Agarwal look is absolutely stunning and portrayed her role with grace. Mehreen Pirzada looked pretty in the movie and delivered a decent performance. Neil Nitin Mukesh is undoubtedly one of the major highlights in the movie. He sure delivered his best performance in the movie. Harish Uttam gave his best performance. Harshvardhan Rane also did a decent job. Mukesh Rishi and Kalyani Natarajan are apt for the roles. They did well in the movie. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The story is written really well with a bunch of twists and turns in most of the scenes. But the director s lack of experience is evident. He has failed to impress the audience with his slow narration. The production values by Vamsadhara creations are very rich and lavish. The music by SS Thaman is an asset for the film. Though there are no chartbuster songs in the film, the background music is good. Cinematography and editing are done by Chota K Naidu. He handled both cinematography well. The visuals are pretty decent and smooth. But the editing is very bad. There are so many unnecessary and boring scenes in the film which will test the patience of the audience. The runtime is crisp.


The story has a bunch of twists which will grab the attention of the audience. But the slow narration of the director also irritates them at the same time. Despite having a decent and strong story, the director failed to execute it well. The first half is full of unnecessary and boring scenes. The interval scene is good. But the second half starts with the slow pace and the climax felt rushed. There is nothing special in the movie and the film can be considered as a regular commercial film but a poor attempt by the makers. Overall, Kavacham is a boring movie and can be skipped.