SMTV Desk 2018-12-08 15:59:51  TUMBBAD MOVIE REVIEW

Ever listened to the tale of the greedy man and his duck which gives golden eggs? Well, then this movie is the very same tale with a twist.

Vinayak collects gold coins from a mansion he inherits. But what happens when greed overshadows the luck? Is this magical tale about.

If you haven't seen the film's trailer yet .. see the bit of magic here

The story intrigues you right from the start with an eerie scene.. and from there, you teleport yourself into a brand new world - of fantasy, horror, mythology, and mystery.
The story sets in Maharashtra of the pre-independence period and ends post-independence of India.

The main factors which keep you intrigued are the cinematography and the locations. The lead performances were admirable and the music is magical.

So, this blend of fantasy, horror and mythology depicting human greed is a pure bliss to watch! Watch it ASAP and do yourself a favour..