24 Kisses Telugu Movie Review

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24 Kisses Telugu Movie Review

The makers of 24 Kisses have promoted the film on a very clever note and created a decent enough buzz for this film which has hit the screens today. Let’s see how this film turns out to be.

Story :
Anand(Adith Arun) is a children’s film maker who is not interested in the institution of marriage. He has a lot of affairs and hits it off on the same level with Sri Lakshmi(Hebah Patel)as well. But to his bad luck, Sri Lakshmi falls in love with him. Upon learning his ideology, she breaks up with him. Rest of the story is as to how Anand changes his thought process and wins his love back.

Plus Points:
Adith Arun gets an author backed role and he does well in his character which is quite complex. His performance during the end of the film is pretty decent. Hebah Patel is neat in her role and does what is required of her in all the so called romantic scenes.

Naresh is pretty impressive as heroine’s father and as usual brings a depth to the proceedings with his screen presence. The last five minutes af the film have been handled well and has a small message.The chemistry between the lead pair is decent enough.

Minus Points:
The film is filled with minus points and it is very hard to put everything here. Firstly, a simple line in the story has been added with concept of 24 Kisses which the heroine wants in the film. This idea itself is so silly that you don’t understand as girls in today’s generation even have such thoughts.

There is no clarity at all in the proceedings as hero’s character changes track all the time. The romantic track has absolutely no conviction and all they do is have a physical relation and fight with each other all the time.

Even the so called kissing scenes start getting vulgar after a point and there is no curiosity which is generated for the audience. Rao Ramesh, for the first time in his career irritates you with his performance.

The conflict point keeps changing so many times in the film and the idea of showcasing a guy who is not interested in marriage is so old school and has not been conceived well at all. The proceedings are dead slow and have many yawning moments that make you look at the exit doors all the time.

Technical Aspects:
The production values of the film are decent enough and the cameraman has showcased the film on a good note. Music is below par but the background score was neat. Dialogues were average and so was the production design. Editing is a disaster as close to half an hour of the movie could have easily chopped off.

Coming to the director Ayodhya Kumar, it is sad to see such a filmmaker attempt a film like this. He gets it completely wrong in every aspect and kills the film with his own hands. There is absolutely no sense in the proceedings as it is unclear as to what the director wanted to showcase through his narration. He does interlace the hero’s aim in life and his love story convincingly.

On the whole, 24 Kisses is a bland and boring romantic drama which goes wrong in every aspect. Uneven screenplay, silly concept, and lack of interest in the proceedings kill the film completely. Credit should go to the makers for creating such a buzz through the promotions about the 24 kisses which are otheriwse not impressive on screen. The story starts off with the hero meeting a psychiatrist to help him with his breakup and all those who watch the film will have to do the same as the movie has that effect on you. Just stay away from this one.