War between Pawan Kalyan and Ram Gopal Varma

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, Jan 27, 2017, 03:14 PM

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Hyderabad January 27: The controversial director Ram Gopal Varma Tweeted about Pawan Kalyan yesterday. Here on Today, Pawan Kalyan arranged a press meet and delivered some comments on RGV.

When a reporter asked Pawan about RGV said that "This, not the correct time to speak about that person but I will tell only thing, reactBut I'll only talk about him once and for all. I'll never ever speak about him again.

He is over 50 years and recently his daughter too got married. And he says he collects porn films. He may praise me one day and he may criticize me other days. It's not my stature to respond to his comments."

Reacting to this RGV started attacking Pawan through Twitter.

"Oka abhimanigaa PK meedha expectationstho maatlaadanu gaani thanu chesukunna 3 pellilla laanti personal vishayalu neneppudoo maatladaledhu. Naa jeevitham naa life style nenaalichinche vidhaanam daakkokunda daachakunda naa pusthakam Naa ishtam lo mottham vippi vippi raasanu.Vaalintlo vaalla gurinchi maatlaadaarani yendamoorini thittaru. Mari vallu vere intlo vaalla gurinchi maatlaadochchaa? Idena vikasam?"

He indeed added that, "Nenu thana meedha ishtamtho nijayatheega maatladanu gaani critcise cheyyadaniki kaadani thanu thelusukolekapovatam naa duradrushtam. I wish him, his wife, his children, his family, his Jana sena party and all his fans all the best..Bye."

Thus he added up. So we have to wait and see for counter reaction.