Filmy story @ back after 40yrs

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Dec 24, 2016, 06:02 AM

Filmy story @ back after 40yrs

Kanpur, December 24 : Have you heard filmy kind of stories? Offo, its not filmy story. Its filmy kind of story which means its real life story not reel life story.

If I speak about the story, which I have came across, you will be shocking until the story wind-up.

A miracle kind of situation happened in Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh which thrown everyone into a long gap of shock.

While coming to the details, a woman named Vilasa, who was thrown into the Ganga river 40 yrs back has now came back to her village and shocked everyone. Now she is 82-years-old.

And it was thought that she had died 40 yrs before.

At the time of 70's, Vilasa went to the nearby forest for Fodder (food for cattle (or) any other livestock). And unfortunately, She was bitten by a snake. Following that, the Villagers had used folk medicine to cure her. There has been no response from her and thought it might be due to the dis-function of medicine.

Feeling that she was dead and thrown her dead body into the river and completed it by the funeral process.

However, the fishermen had rescued the woman from the river and provided her with the treatment. Earlier, she healed quickly and lost her memory.

Recently, she recalled her past completely after 40 yrs and revealed aal her details to a girl, who indeed sent the woman to her native.

Daughters of her identified with few of the birth marks. Meeting their mother after a long gap made the daughters to feel happy.

These kind of things happen rarely. And now-a-days it became quite natural for us to come across those kind of incidents.