Which Salt to use? White Table Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt

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Which Salt to use? White Table Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt

"SALT" can we imagine eating our food without salt? Can anyone think about eating food containing excessive for less salt?

The answer would be definitely "NO"

Now We have one question is the salt that we are having(Table Salt) in our daily lives is healthy? We have different types of salt crystal salt, Iodized salt, Pink Salt/Himalayan pink salt, Rock salt.... etc., Which one is healthy? why is it healthy? why is the salt the Table salt is not healthy? Let us look into this issue deeply.......

Let us see the composition of minerals in the white salt we use:-

Table salt is purified that involves re-crystallization at 1200°F and left with 97.5% sodium chloride,2.5% additives, and anti-caking compounds.

It likely contains iodine and/or is fluoridated. It is depleted of its minerals.

In total, the salt we are using is just a taste enhancer but doesn't contain any health benefits. When we intake salt it forms crystals in blood vessels and may cause small cuts inside the blood vessels which forms sticky scabs inside the blood vessels. The fat flowing inside the blood vessels get stuck to these stabs and results in clogged arteries. This will result in Hypertension and fluid retention and also a reason for many diseases in the human body. The American Health Association also declared that this white salt is absolutely not good for the human body.

So until now, it is fine. we got to know that this white salt that we are consuming till date is not good, then what should we use in daily life instead of white salt?

Here is the answer to the question, we have such salt available that is healthy, which doesn't cause any Hypertension and can be used by the people who have Blood pressure even. It s Pink salt/Rock salt. Yes, you read it right the pink salt or the Rock salt which is taken from the sea directly which doesn't undergo any heating process is the best salt to use.

Why is this particular salt is best? This salt is been under-growing maturing process since 250 million years and is called as white gold. In the evaporation process of seawater its held deep in the earth and is free from any kind of harmful chemicals, parasites.. etc., Yet it contains 84 different types of minerals/nutritional substances that are needed for a human body. Hence it helps supporting good health, gives energy and will even maintain Blood pressure. It contains 15% of trace minerals that are needed for reducing muscle contractions, reduce fatigue and nerve conduction. It maintains PH, its antibacterial and also helps mucus.

Here you go with the best tip you would fall in love with, want to reduce your belly blotting and flush out all the water retention from your stomach? Pink salt is gonna make your work easy. How? Salt Water Flush: Just take 2 tablespoons of pink Himalayan salt in a glass of lukewarm water add half lemon and drink it in empty stomach early in the morning. You are gonna flush those retention's from your body very easily.

Note: We recommend you to try this when you have a holiday, as you may have some cramps in the stomach as the salt is gonna work inside. and may also feel a headache or vomiting sensation as we are not used to consuming salt in large quantities like this before.

Don t try this with normal table salt as it s not gonna work and will just leave you with even more bloated stomach.