Want glowing skin pemanently ?? Here is your best solution

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Want glowing skin pemanently ?? Here is your best solution

Glowing skin is not just a matter of beauty, It is a sign of healthy skin and healthy body function.It has become serious issue for youngsters to adults of any age now-a-days. Many people get into state of inferiority complex regarding their skintone . we usually assume that the attractive glowing skin of the celebrities was simply make-up and cosmetics . So we choosed beauty parlours and also tried number of cosmetic products but haven’t got a satisfactory result . Because these products are not that valuable and least of them give you just temporary results.

Never get victim of serious cancers with harmful bleaches and chemicals in beauty products.In long-run many promised natural products also reduces skin health. So,Opt for natural and home remedies, also some do's and dont's for your healthy skin in and out.

We have listed some of them for you :


1. Wash Your Face Before Bed
Washing your face daily before bed the initiative towards glowing skin. This might sound a touch silly however it s important. Throughout the day, makeup, dirt and oil accumulate on our face and shut the pores. so, wash it off.

2. A way to Wash Your Face
You might be shocked to listen but 1st splash tons of water on your face and let the water drain off. Then pat your face dry with a soft towel gently. don t rub your face roughly.

3. Use a light Soap
Use light base soaps. Stronger soaps will take away all the oils from your skin that isn t smart for the skin and makes it seem dry.

4. Use a Moisturizer
Use light-weight moisturizers throughout the day time and don t forget the areas around your neck and shoulders. Regular cleansing and moisturizing can keep your skin free from dead skin cells.

5. Exfoliate often
Regularly use homemade scrubs to exfoliate your skin, have it away once weekly because it helps your skin to remove dead skin cells.Exfoliate with a mix of sugar and honey and so rinse with heat water.

6. Avoid the Sun
Exposure to the warmth of the sun throughout the day would result in dry and tough skin. Use a lightweight cream and defend yourself from the sun’s rays and harmful ultraviolet illumination. Dehydration will build your skin dry. Rehydrate yourself particularly in the summer.


1. Mix of essence, glycerin, and cucumber juice is claimed to be very effective against the sun – use it before going out and once returning.
2. Apply a fine paste of wood powder and turmeric mixed with milk to the face. Leave it on for some minutes and so wash your face.

3. Apply honey and cream to stay your skin soft and glowing within the cold winters. A home-made combination of honey and yogurt (curd) acts as an exquisite natural formulation.
4. Another natural approach of keeping your face soft and supple is to use a mix of juice and juice.
5. Several health advantages of foods made in water-soluble vitamin like broccoli, grapes, amla, guava, strawberries, lemon, and kiwi. water-soluble vitamin is to blame for the assembly of albuminoid that improves blood circulation to the skin.

6. Water plays a crucial role within the skin health. Lack of water will dehydrate your skin. you must keep drinking liquids – water, drink, or milk for a glowing skin. Regular consumption of milk can assist you get eliminate pimples and scars.


1. Bear in mind that bar is best than cure – try and stop pimples before they produce disturbance in your lives.
try and avoid touching your face together with your hands because the oil in your hands can tend to cause recent pimples on your face.
2. Make sure that your hair doesn t fall on your face once you attend sleep. Use hairpins or a scarf to stay you hair away

3. See there that you just take full quota of sleep as lack of sleep is directly associated with disease of the skin.
4. The foremost vital issue dont pop your pimples because it might result in infection and scarring.