TJS demanding for seat in Lok Sabha elections

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-11 12:25:16  Kodandaram, TJS, Congress, TDP, CPI
TJS demanding for seat in Lok Sabha elections

Hyderabad, January 11: Professor Kodandaram, the founder of Telangana Jana Samiti, was formed an alliance with Congress, TDP, and CPI in the recent elections and defeated by TRS.

Prof. Kodandaram is willing to continue its alliance with Congress for the Parliament Elections, but Kodandaram is demanding a seat for himself. He is asking for the seat of Malkajgiri or Bhuvanagiri. Malkajgiri has the highest Reddy Votes and being a Reddy, he will be an advantage.

But the Congress is not keen on providing any seat to Kodandaram except if he agrees to contest with Congress Symbol, Congress is ready to provide him an MLC seat.

TJS contested in Eight Assembly Segments and lost Deposits in Seven. Congress clearly over-estimated the strength of Kodandaram and is now not keen on allowing him to bully the party in the name of alliances.