Nagababu strong and final counter to NBK

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-11 12:04:07  Nagababu, Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan
Nagababu strong and final counter to NBK

Hyderabad, January 11: Mega brother Nagababu gave a fitting counter to the comments which are made by Balakrishna earlier. Today mega brother has come up with an ultimate counter to Balakrishna s latest comment.

Nagababu said, "In the month of January 2012, Balakrishna commented that NTR kaali gotiki kooda Chiranjeevi saripodu. All of us were immensely hurt with that comment, We wanted to give a counter to Balakrishna at that time. But then, Chiranjeevi garu reacted on the comment in a quiet dignified way. He just said,Balakrishna is like a kid.

How do you feel if I would say, Chiranjeevi kaali gotiki kooda Balakrishna saripodu ? Don't you or your fans hurt? Why this arrogance to you?

You may boast about your father more than like anything. Even a rickshaw puller may flatter his father. However, you shouldn't have commented arrogantly by degrading others.

With this retort, I will end up my comments. I hope Balakrishna would never take a personal dig at our family. He was free to criticize Pawan Kalyan politically. Even if you indulge in criticize mega heroes personally, I would react again," Nagababu reacted.