Alok Verma's crucial decision

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-10 10:06:52  Alok Verma, Nageshwara Rao, A K Bassi, S S Gurm, M K Sinha, A K Sharma, Asthana, Rakesh
Alok Verma's crucial decision

New Delhi, January 10: Alok Verma, the Central Buero of Investigation(CBI) director was recently sent on forced leave. Now he is back after the Supreme Court reinstated him.

After Alok Verma s re-join, he took a crucial decision, He has canceled the transfers of officials decision by Nageshwara Rao, the temporary CBI Director,

Those whose transfers were rescinded included deputy SP A K Bassi, superintendent of police S S Gurm, DIG M K Sinha and joint director A K Sharma. These officers were investigating Asthana at the time the government sent him and Verma on leave after their long-simmering feud burst into the open.

As we know that controversies between Rakesh, the director of the CBI, and the special director of the Rakesh Center, the Center has sent them to a compulsory vacation. It is noteworthy that Alok Verma has stopped transfers now.