Airport in Kurnool

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-08 17:44:26  Chandrababu, Airport, Kurnool, Valmikas
Airport in Kurnool

Amaravati, January 8: Andra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu developing Andra along with Amaravati, apart from this, today he started Airport in Kurnool District.

The Ultra Mega Solar park which is built in Orvakallu in Gandivemula mandal is dedicated to the nation, similarly, Chandra Babu land was worshiped for Pharma Cluster, MSMU Parks, then he conducted the interview with industrialists, later he attend for Janma Bhoomi-Maa Uru program which was held in Kosghi.

In this regard Naidu said that Valmikas to STs, Kaapus to BCs included in the Assembly and sent to the Central Government, the resolution was sent to the central government and urged the Center to immediately respond and request them to make reservation, Criticized the central government for bringing up ten percent of reservation to the poor in the upper castes as the general election approaches.

Valmikas have been handed over to the Rs.100 crore for assignments and handcuffs and assured them that they will soon have a special program, and also said that he will be the responsible for Valmika students taking special care.