Sankranthi celebrations will begin at Parade grounds

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-08 10:07:34  Parade ground, Telangana International Kite Festival, Telangana International Sweet Festival
Sankranthi celebrations will begin at Parade grounds

Hyderabad, January 8: Sankranthi celebrations have begun in telugu states, As it is one of the important festivals of us, not only in villages it is being celebrated in Hyderabad every year. By the name of Telangana International Kite festival(TIKF).

Telangana government offering a riot of colors, fun, and entertainment, the TIKF will be conducted at Parade Grounds from January 13 to 15. From many years onwards it continues to grow in numbers and now promises a lot of activity this time as it will have participation from 19 countries with 42 international kite flyers and over 60 national kite flyers exhibiting their skills.


Unlike last time, when international kite flyers were invited mostly from Asian countries, now there are top international kite flyers from Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, France, and the United States, as well.

Additional to this, the Telangana government also conducting a zesty sweet festival. All those visiting the Telangana International Kite Festival will have the option of trying a wide variety of sweets at the International Sweet International festival to be conducted at the same venue. Sweet dishes from West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Telangana and even a few from abroad will be on offer. There will be 1,000 varieties of sweets and over 100 varieties of savories to select from. The sweets will be offered in four categories of solid, semi-solid, liquids and jelly.