16-year-old guy creates sensation, Inspired by YouTube

 SMTV Desk 2019-01-07 15:00:36  Dinesh, Chinna Raju, Nirmala, inspector R. Venkatesh, Murder case
16-year-old guy creates sensation, Inspired by YouTube

Hyderabad, January 7: The mystery has created by a 16-year-old guy in Shamshabad that he killed her cousin, who is a 9-year-old boy, he was killed the boy after taking him to an isolated area outside the city and he also observes to avoid being captured in CCTV cameras.

On December 30, Dinesh, who was IV standard student at TS Model School in Palamakula, went missing after leaving the house along with his elder cousin. Dinesh’s body was found late at night by his parents M. Chinna Raju and Nirmala in some bushes in an isolated area outside the village. His parents complained to the police and they informed their nephew as the mistrust.

Police found that Dinesh left the house along with his cousin to had snacks at outside. the police inquired the girl who professed to kill Dinesh by strangling him. The adolescent was IX class, who is living with his grandmother in Palamakula.

Shamshabad inspector R. Venkatesh said, “The adolescent said he had killed Dinesh to take a grudge against the boy’s father Chinna Raju who had to chide him. On the day of the incident, Chinna Raju had scolded the adolescent for being irregular to school and getting addicted to frailty. Raju told the Class IX student that he would inform his father.” The inspector added that the juvenile was well knowledgeable with the Internet. He used to regularly watch crime videos on YouTube and gained knowledge on how CCTV function and how police use it to obtain evidence

The adolescent would have taken Dinesh to the outskirts to avoid being captured in the CCTV cameras. He strangles his cousin, went home and told his family that Dinesh had left home long back, the 16-year-old was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board for further action inspector asserted.