Is all okay between Balayya and Jr.Ntr ??

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Is all okay between Balayya and Jr.Ntr ??

After the death of Harikrishna, relation between balakrishna and jr.ntr is the topic many where discussing about. In the past, rumours milled about the gap between them. None of the two clarified about their relation clearly beside they had potrayed all of them was together in the audio functions or at the time of harikrishna s demise, but the underlying debate is going on that there are some differences between the courts of uncle and son.

Breaking all the rumours, kalyan ram has cleared up all the reports. During the promotion of NTR biopic movie,he was asked about whether his brother was offered any role in the movie. Kalyanram who will potray Harikrishna s character in the movie suggested that jr.ntr himself is a superstar, so there should be a character with full scope to match his stardom and even his uncle Balakrishna cannot offer a role which was not relevant to his star status.

Few months back every one speculated that Balakrishna who is also one of producers of the movie is not willing to give a role for jr.ntr in the movie. But they have shared the same stage in NTR kathanayakudu movie audio release. Responding to this, kalyanram stated that it was great gesture by balayya by inviting Tarak as the main guest for the function. It shows his respect and affection towards them.what will be more honorable than giving the opportunity to release legend NTR s audio.

so, this really clarifies there is a good rapport between Ntr and Balayya.