Harish Rao will definitely revolt against KCR: Ramya Rao

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Apr 25, 2019, 06:30 PM

Harish Rao will definitely revolt against KCR: Ramya Rao

Hyderabad, Apr 25: Telangana CM KCR sidelined his nephew Harish Rao despite everyone is well aware of his leadership qualities. Many say KCR ditched him in an insulting manner only for his son KTR.

For quite some time rumors spread about Harish Rao with anger and he will give a huge shock to KCR. Now inside talk is Harish Rao is getting ready to hit a helicopter shot to shock KCR.

Harish Rao's popularity is increasing tremendously and it was proven when Harish Rao won with a record majority from Siddipet from where he contested after KCR vacated the seat. Harish is well respected not only in TRS but also by the opposition parties.

KCR's close relative Ramya Rao speaking to scribes revealed that at present Harish Rao will not revolt against KCR. But she made a sensational warning saying if things deteriorate, Harish Rao will definitely revolt.

She said when KCR launched TRS and fought for the separate state of Telangana, while Harish Rao powered it, KCR's son KTR and daughter Kavitha stayed in America expressing doubts about the success of the movement.