Apple accused of making claims about iphone x series

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Apple accused of making claims about iphone x series

San Francisco, December 17: The World s largest mobile company Apple has rapidly developed hardware products over the world. This is an International and much well-known brand. Apple has grown by instant financial success by exploring their gadgets.

Here is the latest news about the Apple, A law has filed a case in a US court that Apple has accused of making false claims about the screen sizes and pixel counts of the displays in its iPhone X series, media reported.

According to the sources, The Manager filed a case on Friday in the District Court of Northern California claims that the Cupertino, California-headquartered tech giant lied about the screen sizes of iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max devices by counting non-screen areas like the notch and corners. The persons who filed the suit are seeking class-action status, according to the media report.

The outfit claims that Apple is falsely marketing the new line of iPhones as "all screen".For example, the screen size of iPhone X is "only about 5.6875 inches", and not 5.8 inches as claimed by Apple, the complaint was stated.

The plaintiffs also acclaim that the iPhone X series phones have lower screen resolution than advertised, was said on Saturday.

Apple was prosecuted over its products earlier also. A law outfit filed in June unproven that the screen of Apple Watch has a tendency to "crack, shatter or detach from the body of the watch."