Eat banana and stay healthy

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Eat banana and stay healthy

Banana is an abundant fruit found worldwide and the whole year. This is an exotic fruit. Banana can be taken directly or by fruit salads or shakes. This is a perfect breakfast. By consumption of banana, we can maintain a proper diet. Banana contains proteins and minerals.

Banana Benefits:

1.) High in fiber content:
Banana is much rich in fiber. This helps us in proper digestion and makes our tummy feel full. This is a heavy meal for breakfast.

2.)Cardiovascular problems:
A fiber containing food is good for the heart. As banana is rich in fiber content it helps to cure cardiovascular and coronary problems.

3.)Easy indigestion:
Banana helps in proper digestion of food. And it helps in building up metabolism and provides energy to the body.

4.)Role of nutrients:
Banana contains vitamins and minerals. This fruit consists of vitamins like B6, B12, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, and folate these helps in proper functioning of the body.

5 )High source of potassium:
Banana is much rich in the mineral potassium. This helps in the alternative beating of the heart, maintains the optimum blood pressure, and makes the brain alert.

6.)Controls blood pressure:

As banana is low in salt content and high in potassium its helps in lowering down the blood pressure. So it is must to take a banana as your morning meal.

7.)Helps to cure anemia:
Anemia is a disease condition where there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells. As banana has rich iron content it helps to cure anemia.

8.)Reduces renal problems:
Unripe bananas are good for health. Helps in insulin production. And also cure kidney problems.

9.)Strengthening up bones:
A banana contains calcium and magnesium it helps in strengthening of bones and bodybuilding.

10.)Banana also helps to cure many skin problems.