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SUMMARY:Now a days people are facing many problems regarding skin.we are here to give u some better solutions to the problems.many people use many different products to reduce such problems but they may disappoint with those are some home remedies with natural products available in home. that helps in glowing and brightening skin with in low time.these are the better solutions for the type of skin like dry skin,dull skin,oily skin,pimples,wrincles,dark circles etc.

Home made face pack:


fresh fruits(strawberry,orange,banana),
multi grains,honey,rose water


First take an empty bowl.take the ingrediants one by one and mix them in a mixer jar and make a thick slowly apply it to the face and dry it for 10 to 15 minutes.after the wash it gently.


This face pack will lead a first priority.IT protects from skin tightning,glowing,brightning,this face pack. we can extract from different types of fruits and vegitables.and this face pack is natural and good for is safe to use it don t have any side effects by using these natural Products.and it allows a glowing and shining improves the beauty of cleans the.dirt from the helps in thightens the skin and the protiens are equally distrubuted to the skin.