Renu Desai powerful message reply to Pawan Kalyan fans

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, Apr 13, 2019, 06:18 PM

Renu Desai powerful message reply to Pawan Kalyan fans

Hyderabad, Apr 13: Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s fans are at the receiving end once again from Renu Desai, his former wife. Enthusiastic fans of Power Star, after casting their votes in the AP assembly and Loksabha elections held yesterday for their hero Jana Sena party, shared their snaps to Renu Desai’s social media account and asked her to cast her vote too.

This turned Renu Desai furious and she came with the powerful message blasting them. She posted 'I'm going to use my right to vote in Pune on 23rd of April.

Please stop sending messages. And I don't need lectures on the importance of the vote. Please don't tag me in your pictures with the inked finger. I'll vote to the person I like on 23rd"

Of late Renu Desai and fans of Power Star have been at loggerheads ever since Renu Desai decided to start her new life by getting engaged and deciding to get married for the second time.