KTR's statement is surprise for the people

 SMTV Desk 2018-12-08 18:21:15  KTR, telangana Elections, 100 seats
KTR's statement is surprise for the people

Hyderabad, December 08: We all knew that most of the exit polls predicting TRS will form the government with slightly more seats than the required number of 60 seats, in this aspect dynamic leader KTR re-affirmed that TRS will form the government with 100 seats. In fact, Lagadapati’s survey, which most of the people in Telugu states completely trust, predicted Praja Kootami forming government. So, KTR’s statement of 100 seats is coming as surprise for the people.

From this aspect, KTR thanked the cadre of TRS for all their hard work and tweeted, “Wholehearted thanks to the lakhs of TRS leaders & workers who’ve toiled very hard over the last 3 months. With the feedback of our leaders from different districts, I am confident that TRS will form the Govt with nearly hundred seats”.

KTR is saying he is getting feedback from different districts. So, he might have actual numbers from the mouth of the horse. As elections are over, at least now, he could have revealed true numbers that he has, so that people will people his statements.

As of now, it is clear that TRS will not get 100 seats, irrespective of the result whether TRS or Congress wins. We will have to wait and see how KTR defends this 100 number after December 11th.