Highlights of AMB Cinemas

 SMTV Desk 2018-12-06 17:29:40  Super star Mahesh babu, AMB cinemas
Highlights of AMB Cinemas

*Touted to be the biggest complex in Hyderabad, the state of the art multiplex theatre is build with a budget of 80 crores

* The grand inauguration ceremony took place at Gachibowli yesterday with Superstar Krishna as the chief guest.

* This seven-screen superplex has a breathtaking interior design with state of the art decor and technology.

* Mahesh Babu and Namrata has personally looked after the interior design.

* This first luxury superplex theatre is having the capacity of 1638 seats overall and also has a VIP M-lounge facility. AMB cinemas are no less than a 5-star ambiance and even has an on-arrival valet parking.

* With a world-class visual and auditory experience, AMB is grabbing the attention of everyone.

* Mahesh Babu is said to have a 20% share in the venture apart from branding.

*The seats are ultra-modern and stylish giving a good neck rest. The laser projection is the top notch.

* When compared to PVR and other multiplexes, the food prices quoted by AMB Cinemas are quite good along with the quality.

* There are some complaints on the staff of AMB Cinemas who have failed to direct the audience in a proper way. An experienced staff would make things much better without getting confused.

* The parking is something which most of the people are disappointed at after seeing such an ultra stylish ambiance.

* Though the ticket price is high for common people, its worthy when compared to the ambiance they provide. Eatables are quite reasonable when compared to other multiplexes.