Finding no reason to attack KCR, Oppn terms 'Farm house CM'

 SMTV Desk 2018-11-26 16:00:44  kcr, telangana cm, farm house cm, trs president
Finding no reason to attack KCR, Oppn terms 'Farm house CM'

Hyderabad, Nov 26: Telangana politics are now revolving around farmhouse . No speech of a leader from any party ends in Telangana without referring to farmhouse .

Thanks to KCR, the term farmhouse has become very popular in Telangana. Farmhouses are not new to Telangana. They exist since decades but they became popular only after KCR became Chief Minister of Telangana.

This is because KCR runs his government from his farmhouse as he spent most of his first term as CM in farmhouse. This gave scope for all Opposition parties to attack KCR as farmhouse CM .

If Chandrababu Naidu is famous for introducing camp politics in India, it s KCR who became synomous for farmhouse politics . Anyways, both the CM s of Telugu states has set a new trend in the country of running politics from camps and farmhouses.

In the ongoing Telangana Assembly elections, farmhouse has become a buzz word. Opposition parties talking about farmhouse to take a dig at KCR could be understood.

But what surprises people is that even ruling TRS and even CM KCR are talking about farmhouse in their poll campaign. In an election meeting recently, KCR said if TRS loses elections, he would lose nothing personally and will rest in his farmhouse but Telangana people and Telangana state will be the losers.

The Opposition parties too are concentrating on farmhouse to hit back at KCR. Mahakutami candidates are campaigning that even if TRS wins, it would not make any difference as KCR as CM will be once again confined to his farmhouse and run the government.

"Victory or defeat, it doesn t matter for KCR. If KCR wins, he will again run his government from farmhouse. If he loses, he will be again in his farmhouse to take rest. Why should people vote for KCR who anyway will be in his farmhouse," campaigns Mahakutami candidates.

Looks, the farmhouse will continue to generate much more political heat in the coming days.